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10 months ago

by Liam Squires

  1. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection. A strong and stable internet connection is essential for a smooth and successful video call.

  2. Check your equipment. Before the call, make sure your camera and microphone are working properly, and that you have a comfortable and quiet place to sit.

  3. Test your setup. If possible, try to do a test call with a friend or colleague before the actual call to make sure everything is working properly.

  4. Dress appropriately. Even though the other participants may only see you from the waist up, it's still a good idea to dress as you would for an in-person meeting.

  5. Be on time. Just like with an in-person meeting, it's important to be on time for a video call. This shows respect for the other participants and helps to keep the call running smoothly.

  6. Pay attention. Just like in an in-person meeting, it's important to pay attention and stay engaged during a video call. This means looking at the camera and avoiding distractions like checking your phone or looking at other screens.

  7. Use positive body language: It's best to avoid slouching, touching your face and moving too much. Make good eye contact, smile and listen to the interviewer.

  8. Preparation: Visit the company website, review the job description and go through your CV beforehand. Please also prepare clear examples to evidence your experience.

  9. Avoid interruptions. If possible, try to find a quiet and private place to take the call, away from potential interruptions like loud noises or people walking by

  10. Be patient. Video calls can sometimes be prone to technical issues, so it's important to be patient and understanding if there are any glitches.

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